Thursday, 31 July 2014

Part 1: Fun Times in Poison City

It begins. The mighty Darkwraith-to-be Tysonius sets out out his mighty quest to slaughter everything he possibly can, and, being not the brightest lad, immediately goes to Blightown. He faces the mighty trolls who guard the entrance way. And dies. He runs past them and through the poisoned waters of the leech filled swamp. And dies. He defeats "Maneater" (Tee Hee) Mildred, and recruits her help to fight Spiderwoman, I mean Quelaag. And dies.

Getting this first post out was surprisingly difficult, seeing as I had planned to wake up at 9 and record and upload the damn thing, but I decided 5 more minutes in bed couldn't hurt and BAM!!!!! 1 pm! So I'm gonna put the post up while the video has 357 minutes of uploading left to do, and put the video up as soon as possible.

So the 35 minute part 1 was removed from Youtube for being "too long". Which is just all kinds of amazing. So I've asked Youtube to let it stay, but in either case, I guess I'll just record the next part tomorrow and continue like nothing happened.

So I'm a moron. Literally 2 minutes later I realise I hadn't verified my account for Youtube, kind of a mark of how new I am, anywho, here's the video.


  1. Gonna need more discipline if we're gonna make it out of Blaugust alive... (my mornings are much like what you described)

  2. Sound levels are just about right. I don't really understand this game, but it's kinda fun to watch you die. A good cast and a great first day, keep it up!